“My name is Max” – hear those familiar words and shudder in anticipation, for the vehicle smashing-est, fire and blood-iest, most gloriously ‘Strayan-est game of the year is out today. 

Mad Max has been praised for its “huge explosions, brutal combat” and “massive open world” – an actual bloody sandbox, if you will – and Warners have just released a launch day trailer to get you extra pumped. 

The game is not connected to Mad Max: Fury Road – the second-highest grossing Aussie movie of all time, and a damn strong contender for movie of the year, if we do say so ourselves – but it shares a certain batshit insane je ne sais quoi. 

Per IGN’s glowing review, old Max Rockatansky finds himself in quite a pickle this time around:

He’s lost his car and nearly his life at the hands of Scabrous Scrotus, the resident Warlord of the refinery-city Gas Town. Fortunately, the deformed, sun-soaked blackfinger, Chumbucket, sees Max as the ordained prophet of his car-based religion, sent from the Angel of Combustion to help build and drive the Magnum Opus – the greatest vehicle the wasteland will ever know.

Enjoy the trailer and dream idly about the hours you’ll soon get to spend merrily smashing shit up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I play, I die, I play again: 

Mad Max is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.