Computer generated special effects are a staple of the modern action movie and these days, they’re done pretty dang well. 

It’s even gotten to the point that when some ball-clenching sketchiness goes down on screen, we just assume a computer aided most or all of the image we’re seeing. Released raw footage from Mad Max: Fury Road refutes that point. 

Costing an estimated $150 million to create, it gives a pretty rad insight into where director George Miller would have spent the money. Less on computers, more on insanely talented actors. 

Fury Road grossed a whopping $378 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing film in the franchise. BIG. MONEY.

Suss the immense footage below and prepare for one hell of a piss-pantsing. 

Please pour some out for the all of the sanity that was clearly destroyed during the making of this film. 


Photo: Mad Max: Fury Road.