The Intensity Gets Cranked Up In These New “True Detective” Season 2 Promos

Like you needed another excuse to be utterly frothing over the prospect of True Detective‘s impending second season.

The smash hit self-contained HBO series – long talked about and dissected – is now a mere handful of days away from hitting screens, and our bodies are well and truly ready.
But just to push things right over the top to “fever pitch” status, HBO has put out a pair of short, sharp promos that give nothing away in terms of plot, but put us further inside the shoes of the core cast. Vince Vaughn? Clearly a scumbag of the highest order. Colin Farrell? As corrupt as the day is long. Rachel McAdams? Somehow trying to deal with all of this shit. Our anticipation levels? Through the goddamned roof.

Season 2 of True Dick hits screens on Monday, June 22nd Australian time.
Cancel all your remaining plans.