The split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remains pretty ugly, but there was one piece of good news for Pitt overnight, when it was confirmed that the FBI will not be prosecuting him for the alleged incidence of child abuse that took place on his private jet. 

It was reported last month that, in the days leading up to the separation, Pitt became “verbally abusive” towards his family while on a flight between France and California, and an unspecified altercation occurred with his 15-year-old son Maddox.

The FBI have the power to investigate as the alleged incident took place in the air, however, gossip monsters TMZ have this weekend spoken to ‘law enforcement sources’ who say that there is no open FBI investigation, as there is “no case” against Pitt.

Yet another ‘source’ claims that an anonymous call was placed to the US Department of Children and Family Services after the incident, but that no further action was taken after Jolie and Pitt agreed to be interviewed. 

Jolie originally demanded sole custody of the couple’s children, however, they have since reached a temporary custody agreement, granting Pitt visitation rights. 

The actor has voluntarily agreed to undertake drug and alcohol tests, and the first of these came back negative. 

Source: US Weekly.

Photo: Marc Piasecki / Getty.