Earlier today, the *unthinkable* happened.

Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway accidentally announced ‘La La Land‘ as the Best Picture winner, instead of the real winner, ‘Moonlight‘.

These things – well, they just don’t happen*. It almost seems like a very, very poor troll for every single person who said ‘Moonlight’ should win but ‘La La Land’ would win… but it was flat-out a mistake. Beatty was handed the wrong card, i.e. the one that declared Emma Stone the Best Actress winner.

(Except for ‘Australia’s Next Top Model‘ in 2010 or Miss Universe in 2016.)

And there’s a not-totally-unfounded chance that it was all Leonardo DiCaprio‘s fault.

This is a fuck-up of the highest order, and you’ve gotta feel at least a little bit bad for the’ La La Land’ guys. Still, they handled the situation with dignity and grace, and ‘Moonlight’ absolutely deserved to win.

But christ-a-live, these flubs don’t happen too often, and reactions have been exactly what you’d expect.

In the space of about 30-seconds flat, the shot of the correct card being held up has already become a meme. Some things are inevitable, like famous people holding up white cards and people with the ability to do so editing the crap out of them.

Miss Universe called: it wants its shtick back.

Photo: Twitter.