Everyone thought La La Land was gonna win the Oscar. Everyone thought that this was writ in stone, and this was how it was all gonna go down. Everyone believed it so much that Warren Beatty announced that it won. The cast and crew got up on stage to accept it, and then…

Nope. Moonlight won. Moonlight, the incredibly great Barry Jenkins film which swept through other categories, actually won. This has gotta be one of the biggest fuckups in Oscars history, easily. Watch the moment as the La La Land crew realise what just happened:

There you have it. I tell ya what, everyone was so, so geared up to go absolutely wild with the thinkpieces when La La Land won. Now that the cast and crew have been so comprehensively humiliated, we really can’t do much more to them. That suuuuuuuuucks.

Props to the dude who had to announce the error.

But huge congrats to Moonlight – an absolutely incredible film which deserved every bit of that award.

Source: Oscars.

Photo: ABC