The Amazing Reese Witherspoon Arrest Videos Are Here

Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth were arrested last month for disorderly conduct and drunk driving, respectively. You’ve read the quotes – now watch the videos! Thanks to the remarkably ubiquitous camera work of the crack team at TMZ you can watch footage of the arrest in which, voyeuristically speaking, some pretty amazing content is contained.

Notable highlights include the discovery that even when speaking belligerent pie-eyed nonsense (like lying about being pregnant) Reese Witherspoon is still kind of adorable; the way her handcuffed husband murmurs to the officers “I had nothing to do with that” when she’s mouthing off; and the fact this offers more incontrovertible proof that no matter which country you’re in police are dicks.

Ultimately this humiliation-a-thon acts as a very effective PSA against drink driving, and drinking in general.

Mug shot photos via Getty Images.