Reese Witherspoon Is Learning To Use TikTok Purely To Embarrass The Shit Out Of Her Son

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Parents on the internet are a funny thing. Maybe your mum still can’t work out how to send an email, or maybe your dad is an absolute Twitter fiend (like mine). Or maybe, just maybe, you’re Reese Witherspoon, who has recently branched out to TikTok to embarrass the living it out of her eldest son.

Witherspoon, who is a social media queen on both Instagram and Twitter, asked her nearly-16-year-old son Deacon for a little help learning the ropes of the internet’s latest craze. The Legally Blonde star, who also happens to be a mother of three, asked a very valid question: “What is TikTok?”

“Deacon, this is very important. I’ve brought you here because I have questions for you,” she asked her son in an Instagram video.

As any nearly-16-year-old boy would do, Deacon was clearly embarrassed by his *cool mum* and replied with a quiet “oh god.”

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After a quick explanation from her son, where he described the app as a “short-form video platform”, Reese was ready to take the mum embarrassment to a whole new level.

“Should I be on TikTok?” Reese playfully asked her son, knowing full well she was about to go full *cool mum* on him and do it anyway.

Witherspoon then busted out some dance moves that I’m sure would’ve been cool if Elle Woods was doing them at Harvard. Maybe her son

“Like that?” She asked, before getting progressively more embarrassing as the video went on.

The video has attracted a heap of praise from fellow celebrities including Mindy Kaling, Elle Macpherson and even Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham). So it looks like Reese isn’t the only person who finds embarrassing her son to be incredibly entertaining.

Honestly, if there was an Oscar for most embarrassing mum, Reese Witherspoon would win.

But this isn’t even the first time she’s reminded us that she’s hip and young, only a couple of months ago Reese shared this bad boy. I mean, if you’re not talking to your kids on Snapchat, are you really a cool mum?

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How to talk to your kids on snapchat… the filter adds a much more serious tone, don’t you think? ???? #momlife #backtoschool

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She’s also no stranger to meme-ifying herself. Sharing this very typical mum joke to celebrate National Tequila Day.

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Happy #NationalTequilaDay! Don’t worry @trevornoah, I think you’re cute too ????

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Being embarrassed by your mum is a teenage rite of passage, I guess it’s just a little more mortifying when your mum is a mega-famous actress who boasts more social media followers than the populations of some countries.

If you think your mum is embarrassing as fuck on social media, just be glad she doesn’t have 20 million Instagram followers like Reese Witherspoon.