Tess Holliday Opens Up About Her Claims Of Abuse And Violence In Her Recent Marriage

Tess Holliday Abusive Relationship Instagram Post

Plus-size model and make-up artist Tess Holliday (real name: Ryann Maegen Hoven) has alleged her estranged husband of abuse during their five-year marriage.

In November of last year, Holliday briefly implied that she had allegedly experienced abuse from her ex-partner, Nick Holliday. She compared Nick to Donald Trump, for the way they both allegedly made her question her reality. She also told her fans that she was not yet ready to share more on the issue.

Now, Tess Holliday has released a longer statement across her social media platforms, detailing the alleged effects that her relationship had on her career, finances and sense of self-worth.

“Coming out of such an abusive, unhealthy, toxic marriage and finding love through my friendships and more importantly myself has been such a freeing experience,” she wrote.

“I’m choosing to share all of this with y’all because I know so many people are going through similar things.”

“Not everyone gets to walk away (claw my way out in my case) and feel the sun kissing their skin,” she continued.

“Abuse is so subtle sometimes that it bleeds into our lives slowly, disguising itself as love, until before you know it… you’re covered in blood.”

Holliday then mentions that throughout the process of healing, she lost many friends and people close to her in the process.

“I watched my career, my friends, my finances, literally everything vanish & I couldn’t stop it until it was almost too late,” she wrote.

“The road back to myself has been a long, confusing & hard path. I still don’t recognise myself in the mirror most days.”

Thankfully, Holliday says she is in a much better place, and no longer feels afraid in her own home.

“But I’m happy, I’m safe… I’m still standing.”

Tess first seemed to confirm she was no longer with her husband back in October 2020, with an Instagram post captioned: “cut a boy off and my checks got bigger.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV has been unable to reach Nick Holliday for comment. At the time of publishing, he is yet to make a public statement about the allegations.

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