The Bald Head Of Terry Crews Is Vying To Overthrow Egg As Insta’s Most-Liked

Terry Crews is attempting to snatch the title of most-liked Instagram post from a picture of an egg today, and we don’t even know who to barrack for here.

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Crews announced his intention to nab the top spot for his egghead earlier today by cracking a bunch of egg related puns (EH! EH!) and drawing upon the support of the legion of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans out there.

 MAKE MY EGGHEAD MOST LIKED PIC!  NINE-NINE! #LikeTheEgg #BlackEggDontCrack #TerryLovesEggs #TerryOverEasy #AmericasGotTerry.

At time of writing, Crews’ bonce only has a mere 229,693 likes, which means he has a lot of catching up to do to even get near the egg’s 35,837,032. Yes, that’s 35 million people who appreciate this egg:

Yesterday the egg yolked the title away from Kylie Jenner, whose picture of her daughter Stormi clasping her perfectly manicured thumb has 18,433,899 likes. 18 million: a pitiful effort compared to the power of that mighty egg.

It’s okay though, Jenner doesn’t even mind, nope, not at all, not enough to share a  Snapchat of herself cracking an egg on hot pavement.

It does seem that Crews’ sudden wish to poach the most-liked spot is related to his new gig as host of America’s Got Talent: The Champions, where his shiny dome was pitted against judge Howie Mandel‘s, “the egg that deserves the most likes on Instagram“.

Sorry Howie, your egghead does not compare to sweet, gentle Terry’s, the man with both a big heart and very defined pecs. It simply cannot.

The @world_record_egg Instagram account has not yet responded to Crew’s effort – they’re too busy posting egg memes. And assuring Jenner overthrowing her was “   nothing personal.”