An Egg Has Poached The Most-Liked Instagram Post Crown From Kylie Jenner

Sometimes, the Internet is a good place. But only sometimes. Most of the time it’s a flaming trash fire full of bad things and terrible people. But every so often, there’s a good, wholesome moment. I’m happy to share that this is one of those moments, and it involves the most-liked Instagram post.

[jwplayer 3LI5iPjH]

Consider: this egg.

What looks like a pretty innocent, unsuspecting-yet-satisfyingly-smooth egg has actually overtaken Insta-queen Kylie Jenner for the title of most-liked Instagram post. This is not an easy feat, people.

The page, which has one post (the good egg) and over a million followers, put out the challenge on January 5, with one end goal in mind: snatch that crown. Calling all far and wide to be a part of the global Egg Gang, the egg finally cracked the big number today.

Over 18 million likes on a picture of a god-damned egg. An egg beat Kween Kylie’s post of her sweet bébé Stormi gripping her tiny fingers around her mama’s perfectly-manicured thumb. I feel like the world has just shifted back to being in balance, somehow.

I mean with this most-liked Instagram post, eggs are finally getting the recognition that they deserve, right? They’re good and great – poached, fried, scrambled, hard-boiled. I mean even I have a favourite egg account if you’re into watching someone pop poached eggs on the reg.

Over on Twtter however, it’s a big tease of a one-in-a-hundred share of $1.2millon that has gained Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa the official most-retweeted tweet of all time. Wow, think about all the eggs you could buy with 12 grand.

What’s next for the internet from here? Are eggs planning a takeover? Is this how the online experience shifts forever? Not with a bang but with a slight crack of a tough shell, revealing the slimy-yet-delicious insides? Is this some weird social experiment to prove that we are all as ridiculous and reactionary as chickens with their heads cut off? Are those creeps from the Egg Council finally getting to us too?


PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to the anonymous Egg Gang to enquire what sparked this idea to shoot for the moon (also an egg), and how exactly they like theirs done.

Bless you 2019, this is the content we need and also deserve, and I’m going to be FURIOUS if this end up being some marketing ploy for anything but Big Egg.