Terry Crews Hints There May Be An Aussie Ep Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ On The Way

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

You guys, I just spoke to actual Terry Crews on the phone and I’m still not over it. I’m a huge fkn fan of this bloke and of the show he’s currently starring in, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I can confirm the man is a delight, on and off-screen, and we had a great chinwag even though the phone cut out half way through and I briefly wanted to die because of it.

Anyway, I used this phone call to pick Terry’s brain about all things Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, which will air in Australia on SBS VICELAND from January 11, fast-tracked from the US.

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Of course, there very nearly wasn’t even a Season 6 at all after US network Fox rudely cancelled the show in May this year. Terry admits he was as shocked as we all were when it happened – after I tell him I thought it was like a very belated and shitty April Fool’s joke.

“Me too!” he says with a laugh. “I was like ‘Wait a minute’. I thought it was an evil prank and I didn’t know what was going on. We hadn’t said our goodbyes to each other because we had no clue it would be the last time we’d be working together, or even have a feeling. We would have had a party and done our thing, but when we shot our last episode we were just like ‘See you in a few months!’ It was crazy, we were all totally expecting to come back.”

But the instant reaction from fans, many of whom were starting petitions and getting super vocal about their love for the show, softened the blow a bit. “We took the show for granted, I’ll be honest with you. We felt like there was no reason for it to end, we had no clue and then boom, it was over and it was quite the rollercoaster. It was a really dark day,” Terry recalls. “We were all just going ‘What’s haaaappening?’.”

“And then the internet went crazy, and we were like okay, the show is gone but at least the fans loved us. To feel that love was so satisfying, it was incredible, just this groundswell of support but also the outrage. And then, 31 hours later we were picked up by NBC.”

I ask Terry if he had a feeling that they’d be saved. “We were hearing rumours about other networks and they were falling apart one by one,” he says. “I remember going to bed like ‘Oh well, you gotta sleep it off’. You don’t want to be too depressed. But then I woke up with my phone going crazy and boom, we’d been picked up.”

So will the NBC episodes be vastly different from the Fox ones? As Terry explains, you can expect the Nine-Nine you know and love.

“When we went back to work it was like a hand fitting back into an old leather glove, nothing had changed at all. I mean, everything on my desk was still the same, everything in the bullpen, in the briefing room,” Terry, who plays yogurt-loving sergeant Terry Jeffords in the show, says of the new set and studio.

“But when I walked off the set and I got in my car and I drove around, anywhere I go people are like ‘NINE-NINE! NINE-NINE!’. The difference was outside of the studio. That’s what blew me away. It got to that point that we were like the old couch of TV, everybody just knew we were gonna be there there was no problem, the all of a sudden it was gone.”

While we already know there’s a #MeToo themed episode, and a Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) and Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) episode, Terry sheds a bit more light on what’s in store for our motley crew of Brooklyn cops. “We tackle a little more of the serious subjects because if we didn’t, we’d be in danger of becoming a cartoon. With past episodes, like Rosa‘s (Stephanie Beatriz) coming out and also the ‘Show Me Going’ episode which deals with gun violence, these are things that we think are very important. And our thing is to handle it with comedy – we make sure we don’t lose the spirit of the show but we do tackles a few more serious subjects in Season 6.”

One episode Terry tells me he’s heaps keen to make — maybe in Season 7 — is a little bit closer to home. “We’ve actually all been saying we need to do an episode set in Australia, we’d all love that,” Terry says. “I can’t wait to visit one day.” Well, our door is always open for the Nine-Nine fam so NBC, make it happen, ya hear?

SBS VICELAND is fast-tracking Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes from the US from January 11. If you’re behind on the action, they are also showing eps 10-22 of Season 5 from January 6. NOICE.