Taylor Swift’s Chaotic ‘Cats’ Video Raises Many More Questions Than Answers

I am coming around on Cats, the big-budget movie adaptation of the patently insane stage play.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was sympathising with Sir Ian McKellen, who very gamely defended the film’s startling CGI effects at a press event. Now, I think I see what he sees: a firehose of movie studio money pointed directly at the set, dousing the cast in “fuck it, not my problem!” energy.

That feeling is only amplified by Taylor Swift‘s new behind-the-scenes footage, which I suppose she hoped would express the human element of the whole production.

Instead, it amplifies the fact Cats is the most ridiculous, over-the-top movie to roll out of Hollywood in recent memory. How big is that set? Is it safe for a real-life hairless cat to roam around the place while Swift and Idris Elba chuck a dance numbers? And how many fucking coffee table books about cats does one rehearsal space need?

What a chaotic nightmare. I’ll be in cinemas to catch it when it premieres on Boxing Day.