Taite Was Apparently Texting A Heap Of Girls While Wooing Ali On Her Bachie Season & ‘SCUSE?

The Bachelorette couple Taite Radley and Ali Oetjen announced back in July that they’d called it quits after two years of dating.

Although the couple insisted that it was a mutual and amicable split, sources have told the So Dramatic! podcast that Taite’s alleged infidelity was part of the reason why they ended their Bachie-born relationship.

One particular source, who lives in Ballarat where Taite currently resides, sent podcast host Megan Pustetto a voice memo, where she claims to have spotted Taite getting cozy with a bunch of gals just two days after splitting up with Ali.

“I was at this bar called Eighteenth Amendment, this was the last weekend before lockdown, as he was already out with other girls, and he had his arm around this girl,” the listener claimed.

Ali and her ex-Bachie bae Taite. (Credit: Instagram)

“Taite is on the move in Ballarat. He’s loving it. It was a wild thing to view, he was out in full force.”

So that’s not necessarily confirmation that he cheated, but it’s some interesting goss about his post-breakup behaviour.

Later on in the ep, some more spicy Taite tea was revealed as another source told the host that some shady stuff was going down during Ali’s season of The Bachelorette.

According to a listener, who claimed to be a mate of Taite’s best friend, while Bachelorette was filming, everyone was convinced that Taite did not win ‘cos he was allegedly “out clubbing and chatting up other girls.” Big yikes.

While we love some sneaky sources, it’s great to get the goss straight from the horse’s mouth, so the podcast host had a chat with Taite himself, who denied ever cheating on Ali.

“Ali and I just split up as we went different ways. Sometimes I guess life has different plans. We still chat a lot though, which is good,” he said.

Have a listen to the full ep here.