The Bachie’s Ali & Taite Appear To Have Pulled A Ross & Rachel And Are On A Break

ali oetjen taite radley breakup

Former Bachie lovebirds Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley have seemingly called it quits, or maybe they’re on a break. Who knows, but it sure as heck didn’t work well for Ross & Rachel

34-year-old Ali took to Instagram to announce the news in a statement that has some serious Gwyneth Paltrow conscious uncoupling vibes.

“It is with the heaviest heart that we want to let everyone know that we have decided to take time apart in order to give each other space and time to fully focus on our own paths,” the lengthy caption began.

“I love you Taite,” she concluded the post.

Meanwhile, Radley (29) shared a near-identical post on his Instagram, reiterating that they still love and wish each other well. Again, he said that they’re “taking time apart,” which presumably means it’s temporary.

Both posts referenced hope that their “paths will reconnect again soon,” so there’s a serious possibility that this is actually just a break without an end-date. But they also explained that they’re being open about it in the hope that it will prevent speculation, so I guess we should just let them both live their lives and see what happens.

The news comes after the couple were forced to spend months apart amid the coronavirus pandemic and state border restrictions that kept Taite in Victoria, while Ali jetted off to Queensland to spend time with her family.

It’s still unclear if this is a full-blown breakup, or just a break, but here’s hoping they’re both happy in whatever they’re doing.