Festival Of Dangerous Ideas, which this year celebrated it’s third outing at the Opera House with a record 53% increase in attendees, is now offering their incendiary talks as a live stream. For nicks.

That means if you missed speeches with awesome titles like ‘Footballers are Barbarians not role models’ or ‘Ecstasy is No More Dangerous Than Horse-riding’, it will soon be at your fingertips. This will include everyone’s favourite screen king, Julian Assange of Wikileaks. To celebrate, FoDI have released an exclusive chat with the new world superstar, which you can stream in high-def over at their page right now.

Currently live are the ‘All Women Are Sluts’ panel discussion, as well as the very well-received keynote address by novelist Jonathan Safran Foer. Head to the page over the coming days and plug in your brain to something hella dangerous.