Almost 20 Million People Have Already Managed To Burn Through ‘Stranger Things 3’

Stranger Things season three has been out for only a mere handful of days, but already the massively-hyped third stint has shattered just about every Netflix viewing record there is, according to numbers released by the streaming giant earlier today.

Netflix posted to social media this morning, claiming that since its release last Friday, Stranger Things 3 has been viewed by in excess of 40.7 million households, which makes it the biggest four-day start for any film or series in Netflix history.

Remarkably enough, in the four days since release, some 18.2 million accounts have managed burn through the entire series in full, which means there was an absolute shitload of people clocking some serious couch time over this past weekend.

That eclipses the previous claimed biggest opening weekend for a Netflix property, which was set by the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston-starring Murder Mystery, which was reportedly watched by 30.9 million accounts across its first post-release weekend.

Netflix is notoriously secretive about their viewing data and there’s more than a little bit of conjecture as to the legitimacy and relevance of the numbers that they actually publish, so it’s best to take all of this with as many grains of salt as possible for the time being.

Still, if those numbers are to be believed, that audience is definitely not bad.

Not bad.

Good size.