Netflix’s New Show Starring Steve Carrell Sounds Like ‘The Office’ In Space

Michael Scott is going to space, baby!

Well, okay, probably not. But Steve Carrell has been confirmed as the star of a new sitcom riffing on US President Donald Trump‘s decision to create a so-called Space Force, and the series is heading straight to Netflix.

A teaser for the creatively-titled Space Force indicates the tone of the fresh project, which will reportedly follow the brave men and women of that new military branch as they ensure America‘s orbital dominance.

The Hollywood Reporter states Carrell will pocket a huge amount per episode, likely in excess of the AUD $1.3 million per ep doled out to the stars of The Big Bang Theory. That makes sense, considering the continual adoration for his career-catapulting workplace comedy.

The Office connections don’t end with Carrell, either. The NBC adaptation’s executive producer, Greg Daniels, has signed on to co-create Space Force with Carrell. Those two will join Howard Klein, another The Office alum, as executive producers.

There’s no expected release date for this one other than “soon”, and The Hollywood Reporter states an episode count is yet to be determined and scripts are yet to be written.

For what it’s worth, Trump’s call to enshrine a sixth branch of the armed forces has yet to pass Congress. Considering the ongoing government shutdown sparked by Trump’s dogged insistence on nearly AUD $8 billion to build his border wall, don’t expect Congress to immediately spring another AUD $4.6 billion on Space Force.