Steal NSA Files In The Edward Snowden Web Game

Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who last month leaked highly confidential documents that unveiled the startlingly Orwellian PRISM—inducing privacy-paranoia globally—has truly hit the height of his fame with the release of a web game based around Snowden’s devious secret-stealing infamy.

Produced by a Dutch team in collaboration with in three days, Snowden Leaks: The Game, puts you in the shoes of a hunched, sneering Edward Snowden, as he sneaks furtively about the hostile corridors of the NSA: capturing any data he can find on his trusty USB drive (much like he really did, in a move that will define his career, and spurred the endless man hunt on his whereabouts globally). 

Points are awarded for the more files that are successfully obtained; game is called over when security cameras or the zombie-like security officers spot you tip-toeing about. Progression to the next level comes when Snowden ceremoniously hurls the information-heavy USB sticks out the window, free for the public to be shocked by, and make WikiLeaks revel in a sick, whistleblowing delight. 

Snowden, formally charged with espionage by the US and seeking political asylum from Ecuador, has been confirmed by Vladimir Putin to be hiding in Moscow Airport, after his passport US passport was confiscated—rendering him illegible to depart internationally. It’s a move that has journalists literally living in the airport in an attempt to track Snowden themselves; all the while, a Tom Hanks Terminal style sleep over ensues. 

You can waste some time playing the surprisingly addictive Snowden Leaks: The Game, here, or watch the drama unfold below.

Via Mashable.