Beloved Space Daddy Patrick Stewart Returns In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Trailer

Star Trek: Picard

The Comic Con trailers just keep on coming, but out of all of them, Star Trek: Picard is the one I’m most excited for, because my beloved space daddy Patrick Stewart is finally back in action again.

The first teaser for the show gave us a glimpse of a traumatised Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who quit Starfleet after an unspecified traumatic event.

We now know that the story is set after the destruction of the planet Romulus in 2387, the event that led to Nero‘s attack on the USS Kelvin created the alternate Kelvin Timeline.

You can read a more detailed breakdown of this timeline and its implications for Picard here, but essentially, the events of the 2009 Star Trek film led to some pretty huge changes.

This trailer sees the beloved captain back in action after meeting a mysterious young woman, and it brings back some familiar faces, including Jeri Ryan‘s Seven Of Nine.

Star Trek: Picard hits CBS All Access in early 2020, and there’s no confirmation on when and where it will appear in the rest of the world, but hopefully Netflix will pick it up as they did with Star Trek: Discovery.