Patrick Stewart Interviewed The Entire Cast Of Schitt’s Creek & I Love That Journey For Me

Schitt's Creek, Patrick Stewart

If you’re in the need for some wholesome content then allow me to point you to this video of Sir Patrick Stewart interviewing the cast of Schitt’s Creek. Let me just say it is the equivalent of a warm hug.

Stewart, best known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek, hosted a virtual Q&A with Dan LevyEugene LevyAnnie Murphy, and Catherine O’Hara over Zoom recently. The Schitt’s Creek YouTube channel later shared a snippet of the interview on the platform.

In the interview, Stewart asked each cast member to share their favourite memory from the show.

Things got emotional fast, tell ya what. Just as Murphy started to give her answer, O’Hara started to cry.

“I’m feeling a little verklempt,” Murphy said.

“So many moments over those six years will stay with me forever, but I think our last day of shooting will be kind of something that flashes before my eyes as I’m dying.”

Murphy’s last scene with Dan Levy was when the kids are saying goodbye to Johnny and Moira. It was actually the very last scene Murphy shot on the show.

“It was a very large realisation that, not only was I saying goodbye to these characters, who I’ve just been so mesmerised by over my time on the show, but saying goodbye to very good friends and just being surrounded by this crew and wonderful cast of characters that I’ve grown to love so deeply over the years.”

Murphy added that she misses them all very much, too. And now I’m crying.

I think Eugene Levy put it quite nicely when he said the last season was “gut-wrenching” to film.

He said working on Schitt’s Creek was like nothing else he’s ever been part of, and added that watching the characters grow throughout the series will always be a highlight.

“Family growth from those beginnings to where we ended up, those scenes will always stay in the heart,” he said.

My favourite bit of this interview? Stewart freaking out over Dan Levy’s TALENT.

Schitt’s Creek is streaming now on Netflix, and you can find Stewart’s latest series, Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime Video.