Merry Christmas, Binches: Get Into The Festive Spirit With These Fab Chrissy Flicks On Stan

Merry bloody Christmas, mates! Look, we all have our favourite aspect of the silly season. Some love the gifts, some love the eggnog-infused get-togethers, some love blasting Mariah Carey for an entire month.

Me? I love kicking back and chucking on a good Christmas movie!

If you’re on the hunt for some fab Chrissy flicks to suss this year, good ol’ Stan has got ya covered with some sick picks.

Christmas on the Farm

Whatever ya bloody do this Christmas, you’ve GOT to check out Stan Original Film, Christmas on the Farm.

We truly are spoiled for choice when it comes to American Chrissy flicks but there aren’t many Aussie ones around, so Stan has done the lord’s work and produced one that truly captures the spirit of Australian Christmas.

It’s a fun rom-com starring Poppy Montgomery, Darren McMullen, Nicholas Brown, and Hugh Sheridan.

Christmas on the Farm is now streaming on Stan so you can whack it on literally right now for a spot of true blue holiday cheer.

Peep the trailer below:

Say Yes to Christmas

This is a super sweet flick about a career-obsessed gal who returns home for Chrissy and finds herself flooded with invitations. So what does she do? She says YES to everything! I mean, it’d be a chaotic move IRL, but it makes for some v. entertaining viewing.

During the festivities, she ends up linking up with a bloke she previously dated (would a be a Christmas movie without this storyline?) and, well, you can pretty much guess what happens next.

Very wholesome viewing. Perfect for when you’re in a food coma on Chrissy Day!

A Christmas Melody

It ain’t Christmas without our yuletide queen Mariah Carey and if you haven’t had your dose of Mariahness yet, first of all WTF are you doing? And second of all, this flick is the shot of Mariah that your spirit’s been craving!

Not only does Mariah play a central character, but she also directed the film, and honestly, all I want for Christmas is THIS.

It also stars Lacey Chabert (a.k.a. Gretchen from Mean Girls) and Kathy Najimy (a.k.a. Mary from Hocus Pocus). That is SO fetch.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas

In this house, we stan (ha!) shows that do a Christmas special, and honestly, what better show to spin one than Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist!?

The Stan exclusive series took the world by storm when it first dropped and here we are, four seasons and a Christmas special later, and I am bloody HOOKED.

Whether or not you’re as obsessed with the show as I am, I recommend popping this one on for instant Chrissy vibes. It’s the sickest form of Christmas carols that you’ll ever see!

Four Holidays (Coming December 20)

Ah, the old faithful! One of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time.

It’s a perfect mix of ‘yumour, ~romance~, and the all around batshittery of the Christmas period.

Plus it stars icons Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. What more d’ya need!?

It drops on Stan on December 20, so if you’re not in the Christmas spirit by then, you will be after kicking back and rewatching this absolute banger of a film.

The Vicar of Dibley: Christmas Special 2020: Dibley in Lockdown (Coming December 22)

Never in my LIFE have I been more excited for a reboot / revival than I was with beloved British series, The Vicar of Dibley.

As you’ll have gleaned from the title, it’s extremely bloody relevant to recent times as it shows the Vicar (played by comedy legend Dawn French) trying to enjoy Christmas, despite the abject CHAOS that’s going on in the world.

Call The Midwife: Christmas Special 2019 (Coming December 26)

When Boxing Day hits and you’re stuffing your face with leftovers and nursing your hangover on the couch, Call The Midwife will be dropping its Christmas special, just to keep ya company.

It’s the perfect show to chuck on and get lost in, to soak up the last few drops of Christmas spirit there are this year.

Merry Christmas, fam.