We’ve struck gold, mates: the first trailer for Stan Original Film Gold, starring honorary Aussie Zac Efron, has just landed.

The hotly anticipated flick is a thriller set in the Aussie outback, hence why old mate Zac’s face is all rough and muddy.

The movie looks at greed and how far people will go to get their filthy mitts (in this case literally) on dollarydoos.

In the trailer, we see two blokes (one played by Zac and the other played by Animal Kingdom star Anthony Hayes) meet out in the middle of nowhere in search of gold.

After finding said gold, things quickly take a sinister turn as both dudes appear to want the riches for themselves, all the while facing the harsh conditions of being stranded out in woop-woop.

When the older man goes off to find help, Zac is stuck with scorpions, snakes, a dust storm, starvation, and hallucinations.

Have a go at the trailer below:

Starring alongside the two lads are Susie Porter and Polly Smyth. The latter also serves as director and co-writer.

John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz’s Deeper Water Films (Killerman, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan) produced the film alongside Anthony Hayes for Rogue Star Pictures.

The Stan Original Film Gold will be exclusively streaming on Stan on January 26. Mark your calendars, fam.