Spider-Man Stans Have Spent All Day Desperately Trying To Un-Snap Him From The MCU


The big news from Hollywood this morning is that Spider-Man, who we have grown to love in his third iteration thanks to Tom Holland playing him in several Marvel and Sony movies, may not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

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You can read more about that HERE, but basically a deal between Sony Pictures and Disney (who owns Marvel), allowed Spider-Man to appear in films by both studios. Long story short: that profit-sharing deal is now kaput, and so might Spidey be from future MCU projects. Honestly, we haven’t been this upset since he straight up died for a while in Avengers: Infinity War.

The people of the Internet has grown to love Spider-Man very much, so they’ve of course made #SaveSpiderman a trending topic on Twitter today. They have many, many thoughts and feelings about possibly never seeing him again.

They want to see if there’s a solution to save Spider-Man:


Other Spidey stans are in a state of denial about what’s happened:

Some fans are clearly in the shock and anger part of the Spider-Man grief process:


And some are just plain flat.

There’s way, way more of these over on Twitter — seriously, just hit the #SaveSpiderman hashtag and you’ll be in a Spider-Man grief and anger vortex for hours. Whether the movie studio in question listens to the fans, well, time will tell. But tbh, it doesn’t look likely.

Let’s just hope we (and the Marvel heroes) get to see our pal Peter Parker again.