Let’s go shopping in the first teaser trailer for Sofia Coppola’sThe Bling Ring,’ a film based on a Vanity Fair article based on the true story of a bunch of pretty young things who stole $3 million in cash, clothes, jewels and flip phones from the homes of Paris Hilton, Megan FoxOrlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Lindsay Lohan between 2008-2009. 

First there’s the classic Coppola foreshadowing of the dangers of excess à la Marie Antoinette in the hedonistic mantra “Let’s go shopping;” then there’s white monogrammed Louis Vuitton everything befitting the film’s time and setting; good girl gone bad Emma Watson slow-mo popping and licking her lips; shoes for days; Paris Hilton selfie-embossed throw pillows; Goyard jewellery boxes ripe for the plundering; stripper poles; the requisite slow-motion shot of Watson’s clique rolling down the street in formation; photobooth dance parties; Grey Goose birthday sparklers; the quintessential LA top-down, palm tree sun-soaked bliss moment before everything goes horribly wrong; a serious-looking car accident in which everything goes horribly wrong; police evidence zip-lock baggies; some more ‘shit going down’ and a teary paparazzi-lit courtroom appearance, all set to a Sleigh Bells soundtrack. 

The Bling Ring was written and directed by Coppola, opens with a direct quote from Nicole Richie’s Twitter account, stars Leslie Mann (This is 40, anything by Judd Apatow) as Emma Watson’s cool Mom whose first line is “Girls, time for your Adderall!” and features a cameo by IRL Bling Ring victim Paris Hilton.

So basically this has, is, will be everything.