The Bling Ring Stole Miranda Kerr’s Underwear

A small but significant portion of Miranda Kerr’s underwear collection is now living in a plastic zip locked bag in an LAPD evidence locker somewhere after it was revealed that pairs of the Aussie model’s underthings were among the things stolen by the death-knell of western civilization a celeb-targeting thief operation known as the Bling Ring, a group of fame obsessed Valley teens who stole $3
million in cash, clothes, jewels and flip phones from the homes of Paris Hilton, Megan FoxOrlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan back in 2008-2009. 

Nancy Jo Sales, the Vanity Fair reporter who broke the news and also penned a book on the subject, revealed further details of her research in an interview about the book published today on Vanity Fair, ahead of the impending release of Patron Saint of the rich/bored/entitled Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring, which premieres tomorrow at the Cannes Film Festival.

Here’s the key quote:

“It’s really alarming to find out, through doing the research for the book, about the explosion of teen and even child lingerie. That market has become a billion-dollar market. Like teddies for teenagers – it’s so disturbing. Their obsession with underwear had something to do with this whole ‘pornification’ thing. They wanted to look sexy. Looking sexy in a celebrity’s clothes, well that’s even sexier. Especially Miranda Kerr, who’s a Victoria’s Secret model. The fact that they stole the underwear just seems so weird, but it’s not weird when you think about it, because they’re growing up at a time when their culture is constantly telling them to be sexy. Everything from toys to video games to music to fashion is hypersexualized for girls. Stealing their underwear was part of a whole trend to emulate these celebrities. They don’t just want expensive underwear; they want Paris Hilton’s underwear.”

And here’s the trailer. Let’s hope it’s factually accurate.

Photo: Stan Honda via Getty