Snoop Dogg Has Some Strong Feelings About The US Women’s Soccer Team’s Salaries

snoop dogg US women's soccer team

So I dunno if you’ve heard, but the US Women’s soccer team just kicked arse and won their fourth (!) soccer world cup. It’s been a wild ride, mostly because people can’t seem to handle female athletes acting a little cocky, i.e. how male athletes act pretty much all the time.

The team’s phenomenal success has also attracted attention because of the wildly disparate rates of pay between the men’s and women’s US soccer teams.

Namely, the fact that the women’s team, who just keep on fucken winning, get paid a truckload less than the men’s team, who, uh… kinda suck.

For example, when the women’s team won the 2015 world cup, they received US$1.725 million. Not a shabby figure, I hear you say! EXCEPT – the men’s team, who very noticeably did NOT win the world cup (they were actually booted from the running in the round of 16) – got $5.375 million.


The classic argument in defence of the pay gap is that women’s soccer just doesn’t draw the same number as men’s soccer, but according to Buzzfeed, who got their stats from the Wall Street Journal, women’s soccer actually brought in more than men’s in the period from 2016 to 2018. The bloke’s league generated US$49.9 million, and the women brought in US$50.8 million.


So it’s no wonder that #1 defender of truth and justice, Snoop Dogg, has weighed in on the whole situation. He used the platform of choice for big proclamations, Instagram, to voice his displeasure at the pay disparity.

Food for thought,” he begins the video with, so you know it’s gonna be good.

Shout out to the USA women’s soccer team for their fourth world cup, but what I want to talk about is that they only get $90,000 per player, but the men, if they win, they get $500,000 per player.

The sorry ass fucking men from the US men’s soccer team may never win shit, ain’t gonna ever win shit, can’t even get out the fucking first round. Man, pay them ladies, man. Pay the girls what they’re worth.

The women should be getting $500,000 per athlete. Snoop Dogg says so. Yeah, I’m rocking with that. Them girls have won four world cups and $90,000? Man, please. Pay them $500,000 per player.

Snoop Dogg says so. USA soccer. Let’s go girls. The marathon continues.