The Matildas Hit Top 5 In The World With Another Glorious Win Over Brazil

As someone who has been supporting women’s soccer in Australia and singing the praises of our national team the Matildas for a very, very long time, it is so incredibly satisfying to finally see a bunch of other people jumping on board and getting behind them.

It’s been coming for awhile, but was truly cemented in August when the team won the Tournament of Nations by defeating top teams Brazil and Japan, and taking down world number one America. 

Combined with lacklustre performances from the men’s team, it has all really caused people to sit up and start to notice just how exciting and dynamic the Matildas are, especially with stellar turns from players like Sam Kerr, who is arguably the best player in the world right now.

Last weekend saw a crowd of 15 000 people attend a friendly between Brazil and Australia in Penrith, where the crowd was treated to a 2-1 victory, including a world-class goal by Australia’s Lisa De Vanna. 

It was important for the Matildas to continue their momentum, and they did just that tonight, defeating Brazil again in front of an excited crowd of 16 000 people in Newcastle. That is amazing, 16k people out on a Tuesday night in Newcastle to watch our women’s team.

It’s the biggest home crowd that has ever been out to see the team play, and it’s enough to make me weep.

This is all nothing less than the team deserves. They have been consistently growing as a team, and their potential is limitless. Tonight marked three straight defeats of Brazil, and was their 7th game played against an International team without a loss, their longest ever undefeated streak.

Tonight’s match ended at 3-2, with Australia showing impressive determination to come back strongly after Brazil scored in the first minute.

Who else but Sam Kerr then came back and levelled the match with an absolutely perfect header. She might arguably be the best women’s football player right now, and you could also make the case for her being Australia’s best athlete right now, men or women, full stop, done.

Another scarily-good Australian player, Caitlin Foord put Australia ahead just after halftime.

Then, Sam Kerr again. This time giving fans the after-goal backflip she has become famous for. What a fkn star.

Brazil pulled a goal back late when they were awarded a soft penalty, but the Matildas held strong to take out the match.

This win will put them into the top 5 of the FIFA world rankings, which is massive.

The wins also have everyone pumped and excited at the future, especially with the Asian Cup coming up, and the Women’s World Cup being played in France in 2019.

This team could get scary good, so jump on the bandwagon RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already.