An Ex ‘Smallville’ Star Is Apparently 2nd-In-Charge Of A Fucking Sex Cult

There’s weird secrets and then there’s weird secrets, and I’d hedge my bets that “oh yeah, I’m just second-in-command of a secret sex cult” is up there for scream-level hidden info.

Remember Smallville? It was that shitty show about Clark Kent (Superman), except as a teen in a small…ville called Smallville. The creativity of its name really was a precursor for how boring the show would be (it was awful) and yet we all watched a few eps at some point in our childhood.

Anyway, anyone who wasn’t deprived of TV remembers Allison Mack by face at least – she played Clark’s bestie Chloe Sullivan.

Well, Allison is allegedly muy high up in a sex cult. A FUCKING SEX CULT.

It all started with a New York Times article that lifted the lid on a self-improvement group, NXIVM. One woman, Sarah Edmondson, spoke to the NYT about her initiation experience into the group, in which she was told she would be getting a tattoo, only to be led to a room, told to undress and lie on a massage table, and told to say to a woman who was their “master”, “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”

Fucked up, right? According to The Daily Mail, that was part of an initiation into a smaller, “secret society” style group inside the self-help group, called DOS. It’s apparently for the highest-ranking women within NXIVM. According to the NYT, being in this group involved recruiting “slaves”.

The sisterhood would comprise circles, each led by a “master” who would recruit six “slaves,” according to two women. In time, they would recruit slaves of their own.

Trainees who failed had to pay penalties, including fasting, or could face physical punishments, two women said.

The article, which went out last month, obviously gained global attention – The Sun then spoke to a former spokesman for NXIVM, Frank Parlato, who let slip the info that an “Emmy award winning actress” was a key recruiter for DOS.

Somehow, The Daily Mail has gotten an alleged scoop that the actress is none other than Allison Mack. She’s apparently second-in-charge to founder of NXIVM, Keith Raniere.

Allison seems to be involved in NXIVM (which is a legal and pretty normal self-improvement organisation) in some capacity – she features in many of Keith’s videos on YouTube:

But the whole “DOS sex cult” thing is another story. The “proof”? Well, Frank Parlato has his own blog called The Frank Report, and on it he’s shown how the branding’s cult members receive are shaped to reflect Keith and Allison’s initials.

The ‘sex cult’ bit is, according to The Frank Report, an even higher tier to the organisation, where Raniere has an alleged harem of women, and Allison ‘has assumed the top position in the harem’, according to the site.

“Miss Mack has proven capable in the recruitment department replacing many aging harem members with younger, more nubile women,” the report continues.

The whole thing is wild as hell and we don’t entirely know who or what is embellished and what’s legit. For the record, NXIVM have issued a statement previously regarding allegations against their organisation.

The allegations relayed in the story are built upon sources, some of which are under criminal investigation or already indicted, who act as a coordinated group. We will explore any and all legal remedies to correct these lies.

Whatever the truth is, one thing’s for sure. This is a truly insane tale for a Thursday arvo.