‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Arrested For Her Role In Alleged Sex Cult

Smallville actress Allison Mack was arrested on Friday of this week for her alleged role in the notorious NXIVM sex cult, and is expected to face a federal court in Brooklyn today.

According to federal prosecutors, Mack has been indicted on charges related to sex trafficking and forced labour. This follows the arrest of NXIVM founder Keith Raniere in Mexico last month.

NXIVM, which was publicly branded as a self-help group, first came to the public’s attention last year when a former member spoke to the New York Times about her experiences there.

The criminal complaint against Mack alleges that she acted as a recruiter for the group and a “master” to various women, but was also a “slave” to Raniere, with whom she had a sexual relationship.

According to Page Six, Mack’s alleged role involved luring women into the society and obtaining material such as “embarrassing photos and statements” that could later be used to blackmail them.

She allegedly “groomed” victims, making them pose for naked pictures and encouraging them to “adhere to extremely restrictive diets, refrain from removing their pubic hair, and to stay celibate.”

Women involved were forced to participate in “readiness drills” that would leave them sleep-deprived, and were made to “get [Raniere’s] initials burned into their pubic region with a cauterizing pen.”

Mack was allegedly recruited into NXIVM by her Smallville co-star Kristen Kreuk, although Kreuk’s former publicist says that she left the group some time ago.

Both Mack and Raniere face at least 15 years behind bars and possible life sentences if convicted.