Ex-Members Of Alleged Sex Cult To Lead New Doco Exposing The NXIVM Group

Two former members of the alleged NXIVM sex cult are set to lead a documentary series on the organisation, which will provide new insights into the secretive group and track their ‘deprogramming’ as they return to civilian life.

Deadline reports the series will focus on Psych actress Sarah Edmondson and husband Anthony Ames, who reportedly helped to recruit others into NXIVM.

US authorities claim NXIVM’s DOS sub-organisation indoctrinated people into “master” and “slave” relationships, exerted strict physical and mental control over adherents, and that some followers – including Edmondson – were even subjected to branding. 

Camera crews will be present as Edmondson, Ames, and other former members attend sessions with cult expert and deprogrammer Rick Alan Ross.

The series is also predicted to divulge inside information on NXIVM, its founder Keith Raniere, and the hierarchy that allegedly lead to people like Smallville actress Allison Mack to act as sex traffickers for the cult.

Edmondson will join the show’s executive production team alongside Brian Graden, the former MTV heavy-hitter who developed the True Life series.

After detailing his appreciation for doco series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Graden said Edmondson’s story is compelling because it’s “incredibly fresh; she and her husband are just out of the cult.”

The series is expected to be shopped out to networks shortly.

The news comes after the high-profile arrests of Raniere and Mack, both of whom have been accused of sex trafficking.