Sit Down And Reminisce About The Tragedy That Was Kim K’s Eyebrows in 1997

Kim Kardashian-West is a name synonymous with beauty, elegance and being on fleek at every waking moment. She’s managed to carve out a pretty damn impressive beauty empire, but she definitely wasn’t always immaculate.

Mother Kris Jenner hopped on Instagram to share a cute lil throwback with the world, featuring a young Kim and Kylie Kendall Jenner in adorable baby form.

Something else that caught everyone’s attention was the… interesting situation taking place on Kim’s forehead.

People were quick to call out Kim’s pencil-thin brows, with Katy Perry chiming in in the comments with “Tell Kim to show us that looks makeup tutorials pls.

Thankfully, Kim didn’t instigate any internet beef and seems to recognise that her eyebrows were, for lack of a better word, fucked.

I look horrendous! I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore and her thin eyebrows! And I discovered glittery bronze eyeshadow.

Nothing like a bit of celeb banter to remind us that they are vastly richer and superior to us.