Kim Kardashian’s Fourth Baby Shower Was A Weed-Infused Sound Bath

As we prepare for the next member of the extended Kardashian kollective to be birthed into this wretched world, Kim Kardashian West celebrated the imminent arrival of her fourth bebe with a CBD-and-meditation themed do at the ‘Yeezy Spa‘ at her home in California.

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After saying previously that she wanted a baby shower to help calm her nerves about having a fourth baby (second by a surrogate mum, and will be the third beb under 4), Kim’s fourth baby shower bash was littered with CBD oils and custom-made CBD bath soaks.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in cannabis (weed, ganja, whacky tobaccy, devil’s lettuce, etc) and is reportedly beneficial for pain relief, muscle relaxation, anxiety and insomnia. Unlike THC, the psychoactive chemical in weed, CBD doesn’t get you high.

Don’t worry about that though, Kim’s bebby shower had plenty of vapes to go around, so guests were able to fully relax into the crystal bowl sound bath. Like, really bliss out, man.

Guests included Paris HiltonChrissy TeigenKourtney Kardashian, niece Penelope Disick, daughter North West and ultimate momager, Kris Jenner. Everyone at the party was also gifted with a pair of blue Yeezy slides, and Kim told everyone to “have a puff and put on some oil” and zen out for the morning.

Guess it worked lol.

There’s been no clear indication on what the fourth blessed beb is going to be named, but Kim encouraged partygoers to jot their name predictions down on a big wall. Putting a video up on her Snapchat, Kim zoomed in on the names Robert and Harut, which is Armenian for “he is risen”.

Please for the love of God name your child Robert, Kim. I demand that kid to be named Bob West. PLEASE.