A Global Shrek 2 Trivia Event Is Happening Tomorrow Night Because Fuck You Shrek 1

Shrek 2 trivia is coming (and it won’t stop coming). Tomorrow night, a world-wide trivia even about the best Shrek film is happening – and since it’s all online, you can join no matter your lockdown situation.

In one of the only instances where the sequel is better than the original, Shrek 2 is a masterpiece to behold. It’s also another case of Simon Cowell being weirdly canon in an animated movie universe.

Seriously, though he features in Shrek 2, SCOOB! and the Bratz Rock Angelz movie? What’s up with that???

Personally, I’m very excited as I’m that person in my friendship group whose a little bit too obsessed with Shrek. You know there’s always one; the person who always gets tagged in any Shrek content, has watched ‘Shrek is Love Shrek is Life’ on YouTube one too many times and dressed up as Shrek for their graduation?? You know, all very relatable stuff.

Making things even more appealing is the fact that this trivia event is open worldwide, meaning there’s an opportunity to really thrash some Yanks in trivia.

The ninety minute extravaganza includes 40 killer questions that will leave you so excited you’ll be singing “I need a hero” before it’s all ogre.

For those with a free Friday night (I’m looking at you Melbournians), this event will truly be shrektacular, or perhaps it could be ogrewhelming? But only you can be the judge of the shreksperience.

The online event takes place Friday August 21 (tomorrow) at 7.30pm. You can play solo, or as a group – but each person needs a ticket! Tix are $5.50 for solo players and $10 for a team.

For more details head to the FB event here.