The New Object Of The Internet’s Thirst Is Shirtless Chidi In ‘The Good Place’

I, like all of you, appreciate a little bit of blatant thirst. I, like all of you, never in our wildest dreams imagined that we would see William Jackson Harper on The Good Place take off his shirt and discover he’s jacked as heck.

When I thought about shirtless Chidi in my private time I just figured he’d be a kinda scrawny boy with a great face. Oh no. Oh no no.

Spoiler: in the latest ep of the Netflix series – which dropped Friday Aus time – Michael (Ted Danson) and Janet (D’Arcy Carden) have to explain their portal to the afterlife and end up telling the gang everything, effectively condemning them to eternity in The Bad Place. All the characters react differently, like Tahani (Jameela Jamil) giving $2 million anonymously to the Sydney Opera House, Jason (Manny Jacinto) helping her to continue to give her money away to oyhrt good causes, and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) returning a man’s wallet despite her worst intentions. But the true MVP of the episode is Harper’s Chidi, who suffers a complete breakdown. He descends into an existential crisis, a real spiral – a weekly event for me tbh – standing shirtless in rows of sprinklers, indiscriminately grocery shopping… normal breakdown stuff.

Here’s a taste, to help you get through the lats of your Monday arvo:

Because all of you internet types are just as outrageously horny as I am, Twitter has gone hog-wild for stupid sexy Chidi.

Mmmph, yes, thank you very much for sharing Shirtless Chidi with us, Good Place/Michael Schur.