Sex/Life Fans Are So Horny For Adam Demos, They Thought They Saw Him On MasterChef Last Night

It’s finals week for MasterChef Australia and they’re pulling out all the big guns to challenge the final competitors, and by big guns, I mean esteemed chefs, such as Hugh Allen who appeared on last night’s ep.

Hugh Allen is the Executive Chef at Vue de monde, a v. swanky Australian restaurant over in Melbourne.

During his appearance on the Aussie cooking show, I noticed a few comments across social media comparing him to the star of Netflix’s Sex/Life, Adam Demos, who also happens to be Aussie.

I watched a promo clip for the episode and I couldn’t reaaaaally see it, other than the fact that they’re both attractive blokes with nice hair.

But when I saw the two piccies that a MasterChef fan had stitched together, I totally got it!

One commenter on Facebook wrote: “Anyone else watch MasterChef tonight and kept thinking of Adam Demos and all of his scenes in Sex/Life, thinking that Hugh Allen looks like him? Just me?!”


MasterChef Australia star Hugh Allen

It seems that other viewers agreed, with one fan writing: “Definitely not just you, girl! I finished binge watching it on Netflix today, and then I watched MasterChef straight after and thought I was going crazy!”

“It’s the hair!” added another.

Meanwhile a third fan wrote: “Everything reminds me of him ????????????????” and it copped a “100%” response.

So yeah, there’s that too. Everyone’s got Adam Demos on the brain because of *that* viral Sex/Life scene. You know the one.

Anyway, I implore you to go check out Sex/Life on Netflix and while you’re at it, jump onto Hugh Allen’s Insta page and check out his mad culinary skills, as showcased on MasterChef last night.

And lastly, we are in the midst of MasterChef finals week so cancel your plans (lol, not like we had any) to watch the final chefs battle it out in the kitchen. Then go watch Sex/Life for the 1000th time, I know I will be.

MasterChef Australia continues tonight at 7:30 on Ten.