People Are Filming Their Reactions To The Sex/Life Peen & This Poor Nan Just Wasn’t Ready

Sex/Life Blind reacts

Is there a better way to kick off your week than with people’s blind reactions to the monster cock in Sex/Life? No! So let’s do just that, because it’s been literal days and I’m still thinking about that ginormous schlong.

Sex/Life is Netflix’s latest horny series, inspired by B.B. Easton‘s 2016 memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men. I’ll talk more about the plot in a bit, but all we need to know right now is that in episode 3, around the 20-minute mark, a giant dick appears.

I GASPED when I first saw the size of the schlong, so did my boyfriend when I forced him to watch it. Actually, he didn’t gasp, he just said, “Fuuuuucking hell.”

Reacting to the peen has become the trend on TikTok, with people challenging each other to film themselves and their loved ones watching the D for the first time.

Exhibit A:


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GODDAMNNN indeed, my dude.

Meanwhile, @bedsidebuddies showed her nan the giant cock. Just for a thrill.


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I cannot stop laughing at nan’s face.

I think my favourite of the bunch has to be the boyfriends reacting to the giant dong, especially this next bloke who said, “Oh my fucking third leg.”


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This woman wheezing, though.


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Sex/Life follows Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi), who has grown just a little tired of her life in the suburbs.

Before she married her loving, reliable, and hot husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and moved to Connecticut, Billie was living her best life in New York City with her best friend Sasha (Margaret Odette).

Billie longs for the old days and for her hooooot ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos), so she starts journalling about him and all their… uh… times together. And then her husband finds her journal.

Cue the love triangle.

The monster cock appears in episode 3, when a jealous Cooper tracks down Brad and goes to the same gym as him. He wants to know what all the fuss is about, so he hits the showers at the same time as Brad… only to make this face when he sees Brad’s dick.


Sex/Life is streaming now on Netflix. Enjoy!