Seth Rogan Vs. Michel Gondry

Seth Rogan has confirmed that French auteur Michel Gondry will direct a remake of The Green Hornet which Rogan will write, produce and star in.

Rogan and Gondry make unlikely collaborators and though both are leaders in their fields – frat boy humour and visually driven mind-fucks respectively, their union has been met with some apprehension online. I however, am an avid fan boy of both (who can deny the awesomeness of Pineapple Express?) and greet this news as manna from the cinema gods. Between Gondry’s visual wizardry and Rogan’s comedic Midas touch “The Green Hornet” could be the greatest stoner movie ever made. I’m excited.

In an interview with MTV Rogan revealed the following:

“Me and [co-writer] Evan [Goldberg] have always been gigantic fans of [Gondry],” Rogen beamed. “We just like anyone who thinks outside the box, and there’s really nobody who thinks more outside the box then he does; he’s really a magician in a lot of ways.”

“To convince the studio to let him do it, he filmed a fight scene on his own,” Rogen marveled. “He just hired stunt men and did it by himself! Just to show some of the stuff he could do, some of the weird filming techniques he has and some of the stuff he can pull off. I mean, this is something he did in two days and it was instantly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It was impossible not to hire him once he presented what he could do for it.”

“[“The Green Hornet”] will be a great combination of both of our movies, of both of our styles,” Rogen said of the film, which hits theaters June 25, 2010. “It should have the type of conversational tone and comedy that me and Evan have been doing — and some of the action that we have been starting to try to do — along with the wild, visual imagination and funny awkward sensibility that he’s been doing.”