Serena Williams Asked For Stories Of Motherhood & Twitter Didn’t Disappoint

After having her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., throw up on her during a flight, absolute legend Serena Williams decided to reach out to all the mamas around the world to exchange their stories of motherhood under the hashtag #ThisMama.

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The stories she got in reply are both adorable and funny… but also so nasty.

Williams will make her return to the US Open in the coming hours against Poland‘s Magda Linette. This will be the six-time US Open Singles champion’s first time back at the tournament in two years.

The 36-year-old withdrew from the 2016 US Open because of a knee injury and again did not play at the 2017 Open because she was pregnant with her bub.

Anywhoo, Williams kicked things off with the details from her mid-flight-vomit story:

Kids humble us. The other day on a flight home Olympia insisted on running up and down the aisle and when I finally got her to sit still, she threw up all over me. #ThisMama would love to hear your stories of motherhood.. even ones like this! Share and tag them with #ThisMama.

Olympia, who’s 11-months now, is SO CUTE.


Right off the racket we had this doozy:

“My daughter and I planted some seeds together, hoping to grow flowers. I went outside to water them and told her to watch. She locked the sliding glass door on me. #ThisMama got locked out of the house by her two year old.”

But wait, there’s more:

“She refused to unlock the door, even though she absolutely knows how and just stood there and stared at me. After panicking for a few seconds. #ThisMama realised I could just go around the front of the house and go through our garage. Thank God my husband fixed the key pad.”

But wait, there’s even more because another mama replied with a similar story:

Jesus Christ.

If you’re about to eat or have just eaten dinner… sorry:

“One of my sons used to ‘paint’ with his own poo. He would wake from a nap, totally silent, remove his diaper and finger paint all over his toys and cover the wheels of his toy cars in poo, then make poo tracks all over his cream walls. Be thankful for a little vomit #thismama”

What even are kids?

Here’s another goodie:

“Flying alone with 3-year-old and 2-month-old (in front carrier). Crammed us all in aeroplane bathroom and put 3-year-old on toilet; he started to cry. Crouched down to ask what’s wrong. He projectile vomited onto baby’s head, down carrier, all over me.

“We were 20 minutes into a four hour flight. They moved the guy next to us because we smelled, and had to shut the bathroom because it was a biohazard. I mostly laughed, but largely because the only other option was to cry.”

And they keep on going:

You can find the rest of the humbling stories on Williams’ original tweet.

Parenting sounds swell.