Scarlett Johansson – Falling Down

I’ve written about Scar Jo’s unjustifiably all star side project before, unbeknownst to me however, was the fact that Scarlett had also released a film clip for the first single off the album entitled “Falling Down”. Scar Jo is of course no stranger to music videos having guest spotted in JT’s clip for “What Goes Around Comes Around”. Her own music video however, is decidedly less racy with obvious delusions of artistic grandeur. Note: no one wants to see Scarlett lounging around through a meandering Wong Kar Wai style lens (wasn’t that what “Lost In Translation” was for?) where are the quick cuts of Scar Jo hosing down her car with just a single white T-shirt for protection?

In other Scar Jo related news. Who remembers the late nineties sitcom Two Guys A Girl And Pizza Place? Anyone? Nope? Neither do I. Well Scar Jo is now engaged to Ryan Reynolds who got his first acting break on said television show and has gone on to star in other steaming piles of crap such as Van Wilder: Party Liason (Reynolds was previously linked to the 90’s alterna-girl poster child Alanis Morissette, talk about trading up!). I bet Dave Sitek is crying himself to sleep as we speak for having produced a steaming pile of crap for a certain someone, who went and married someone else, even when she insinuated that she would get together with Dave, or at the least let him touch her breasts if he helped her with her album. Don’t despair Dave weird musos can get down with hot actresses just look at the other Boleyn sister…