Peep The Super Fun Trailer For The Saved By The Bell Reboot Which Lands On Stan Next Month

Here it is, folks. The first official trailer for the uber fun Saved By The Bell reboot series, which is coming to local streaming giant Stan next month.

In case you weren’t around to tune in the first time ’round, Saved By The Bell is an iconic sitcom about a bunch of American high school kids and the daily perils life throws at them. The perfect formula for some grade-A entertainment, right?

The series is copping a reboot featuring a gang of newcomers, plus some of the stars from the OG series, including Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez, who you’ll recognise as a widely successful TV presenter.



That’s not to say that the reboot is directly aimed at fans of the original series – absolutely not. Saved By The Bell is a fun watch for anyone, featuring a fresh batch of characters.

It explores some v. important themes including class, race, gender and friendship. These kinds of topics have always been discussed in sitcoms but when you look back at some shows (not naming any names), you’ll find some problematic aspects, especially when dealing with minorities. The beauty of this reboot is that it’s corrected those problematic aspects and made it more digestible for a 2020 audience.

For example, there’s a scene in the trailer where one of the characters points out that her experience as a middle-class, Latinx teenager greatly differs from that of her White, privileged peers.

This is absolutely the vibe we need on our screens RN, for obvious reasons. But as I said, it’s just an all-around fun show to binge, just in time for Summer.

Catch the lively trailer below:

Saved By The Bell premieres on 26 November only on Stan – same day as the US.