Here’s Sansa Stark Chugging Wine At A Hockey Game Like The True Queen She Is

Before Game of Thrones returns on April 14th and we finally begin the arduous process of saying goodbye to the hugely beloved HBO series, consider this our official endorsement of Sansa Stark for Queen of Westeros.

[jwplayer JOM828sm]

Sophie Turner, aka Sansa, is clearly enjoying her precious time off before the Thrones media hype machine kicks into full overdrive.

Case in point, Turner recently attended a New York Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden and, as is the case with most celebrity attendees at pro-sports events, wound up getting featured on the arena Jumbotron.

Most celebrities endure this by smiling, nodding, doing a polite little wave to camera, and then everything continues about its business as normal.

Turner, on the other hand, embraced the moment by dabbing and absolutely slamming back a pretty dang full glass of wine.

How the hell about that. Not only smashing back a drink while on-camera but red wine. You know who goes full Bob Hawke on a tumbler of vino and barely blinks? Royalty. Royalty only.

Others may have more “traditional” claims to the crown, but as far as we’re concerned now Sansa Stark is the one true and only Queen and smashing the fuck out of a shiraz on the big screen is clear evidence of that. Thank you for coming to our TED Talk.