Samuel L Jackson Celebrating Spike Lee Is The 2019 Oscars Moment We All Need

Get you a friendship like the one Samuel L Jackson and Spike Lee have. Get you ten of them. Get you as many as you possibly can.

With the 2019 Oscars ceremony winding towards a close, the long-time mates have provided one of the moments of the night after Lee won his first career Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for BlacKkKlansman.

[jwplayer 5B6taT8h]

As luck would have it, Samuel L Jackson was enlisted to present the two writing Oscars alongside Brie Larson, but prior to reading out the nominees he attended to a much more important piece of business: Informing Lee of the basketball score.

See, the Oscars ceremony happens to be taking place at the same time as a New York Knicks home game that Lee would ordinarily be courtside at if it weren’t for pesky interruptions like, y’know, the Academy Awards.

The Knicks have also been on something of a cold streak, losing their past 18 games at home in a row.

Not tonight though.

100% guaranteed that was not on the teleprompter I tell you what.

It got even better though when Jackson opened the envelope for the Adapted Screenplay award and saw his great mate’s name, marking the first time in Spike Lee’s long and illustrious career that he can call himself an Oscar winner.

That celebration continued on the stage with a jump-hug for the ages.

And thank lord Lee got the award too, because prior to that Jackson had to hand the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay to Green Book and its ah…. somewhat problematic writers.

The face says it all, really.

Less of that, but. More of Samuel L Jackson and Spike Lee being extremely good friends.

Hell yes lads! Hell YES.

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