If You Saw Sam Smith’s BRIT Awards Outfit & Thought ‘There’s Gotta Be More To This’, There Is

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At this weekend’s BRIT Awards, musical icon Sam Smith sent the internet into a tizzy with a custom-made latex outfit. For anyone who saw it and was left scratching their head, Smith’s designer has thankfully dropped a few thoughts explaining the look.

Hari Krishnan, the London based, Indian born designer behind the look said part of the inspo was derived from the recent negativity the singer had been receiving.

“Sam was having a lot of hate comments recently after ‘Unholy’ about [their] body image,” they told WWD.

“This is my take on celebrating [their] natural form and the beauty of being one’s self.

“I wanted to create an image which people have never seen Sam in.”

Turning a negative into a positive? We simply love to see it.

The BRIT Awards outfit featured deliberately exaggerated proportions especially around the shoulders and legs.

This made it almost look like Sam was wearing a balloon, which, in a way, they kinda were.

According to Yahoo News, the “inflated” look was achieved through a literal valve that allowed air to be pumped into the piece.

As Hari alluded to, a lot of the negative energy directed at Sam in recent months has been the result of short-sighted fatphobia.

Much of this criticism has been littered with double-standards and just general ignorance.


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Take, for instance, the fact that Sam and Harry Styles received very different responses after wearing essentially the same outfit.

Harry was mostly praised for the progressive fashion choice, while Sam absolutely copped it.

If you’re curious, you can peep our full recap on why the whole sitch is backward, unproductive and at a human level, super unkind by clicking here.


In lighter news, Sam Smith will be bringing their bangers and their peak sense of fashion down under in late 2023.

During October and November, they’re set to rock out at stadiums across Australia and New Zealand for which you can find all the relevant deets here.