Sam Elliott Bashes Hitler & Bigfoot In The Trailer For 2019’s Wildest Movie

Here it is, folks. The most patently insane movie of 2019 is about to drop and we haven’t even torn the first page off the new calendar yet. It’s not even gonna be that hard of a sell. If you’re a fan of Sam Elliott, which you should be, you’ll be pumped. If you’re a fan of unhinged cinematic chaos, you’ll be pumped. If you’re a fan of utterly bananas shit, you’ll be pumped. This film? It’s a slam dunk, folks. Pure and simple.

[jwplayer 9XIhCin2]

The film carries with it a title that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination, but should nonetheless have you keen as a bean to get it into ya:

The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot

That’s it. That’s the title of the movie. The entire thing, one title.

Plot-wise, it’s goods-as-advertised. Sam Elliott plays a mythical man who is said to have shot Hitler stone cold dead during World War II, who is subsequently charged with the task of bashing the Bigfoot to smithereens in order to save the world.

What might shock you is the apparent tone of the film: Rather than the outrageous, Snakes On A Plane-like romp you’d otherwise suspect, the trailer makes it seem like this one’s being treated absolutely bone seriously which… look, if we’re being honest, it makes it a shitload better.

Cop the trailer below immediately. Immediately.

Unsurprisingly the movie is being distributed by the same studio that handled the equally batshit insane Nic Cage vehicle Mandy last year, so if they see something in it then it’s probably gonna be worth at least one watch.

The cast of this one is rounded out handsomely with the likes of Ron LivingstonLarry MillerCaitlin FitzGerald, and Aiden Turner.

The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot is scheduled to hit cinemas and VOD in the US on February 8th. No word yet on any potential Australian release.