Ryan Gosling Blocked Traffic On The Syd Harbour Bridge For 7 Hrs & I Demand A Personal Apology

Sydney Harbour bridge and ryan gosling

Hollywood heart-throb and everyone’s secret boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, has been spotted filming scenes on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunday morning. Who do you reckon’s more famous, the bridge of Gosling? Deffo the bridge, I’d say.

The closures lasted from 3am until 10am to allow time for Gosling’s crew to shoot an action-packed sequence for The Fall Guy. The movie, set to be released in early 2024, is an adaption of the 1980s TV series of the same name and is also set to star Emily Blunt.

Some journos on the scene suggested Gosling was filming some of his own stunts with the actor riding on the back of a truck per the Sydney Morning Herald.

Perhaps he was inspired by Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick? Riding on the back of a truck is the same as flying a P-51 Mustang, right?

The other, more likely option, is that it was his stunt double.

Regardless, our boy was taking names and blocking lanes out there on the bridge and we should feel ~honoured~ to be delayed en route to our Sunday activities by such a king.

Go ahead! Block our lanes! We’re just mere mortals!

But wait, there’s more.

This wasn’t even the first time in recent history that parts of Sydney have been shut down due to Ryan Gosling-related closures.

Back in November, Martin Place was temporarily sectioned off to allow cameras to roll.

This recent uptick in films being made in Australia has been, in part, enabled by huge grants dished out to encourage studios to film here.

The state government’s Made in NSW fund put up $14.5 million and the federal government chipped in $30 million.

The previous Minister for the Arts Paul Fletcher estimated the film would inject $244 million into the Australian economy per the SMH.

It would also inject Ryan Gosling into the Australian economy, which is arguably the greater win.