Sydney I Hope You’re Showered, Trimmed & Moisturised ‘Cos Ryan Gosling Is Moving Down Under

Another international celeb is set to move to Sydney and I for one cannot wait to spot him at Totti’s. That’s right hornbags, Ryan Gosling is (temporarily) moving Down Under to film The Fall Guy.

The film is based on a 1980s TV series about a Hollywood stuntman who’s also a bounty hunter. As per The Sydney Morning Herald, the film’ll get $14.5 million from the NSW Government’s made in NSW fund and $30 million through the Federal Government’s location incentive scheme.

Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and Arts (they really packed a bunch into one portfolio there) released a statement about the film.

He said it would inject $244 million into the economy and 1,000 Aussie cast and crew and 3,014 Aussies extras would be involved in the production.

We should simply keep filming movies with generically hot celebrities in them and make loads of money. Economy = solved. You’re welcome.

Ryan Gosling could be moving to NSW in late 2022 according to It’s unclear at the moment whether Gosling’s wife Eva Mendes and their kiddos Esmeralda and Amada will also be coming Down Under.

Now the core question of where Gosling will be posted up in Syd remains.

An obvious answer is the Eastern Suburbs. Apropos of nothing, Ryan Gosling has extreme Bondi Dad energy. I can see him in a white linen shirt and board shorts flicking salt water out of his hair.

But I also feel like Ryan Gosling has quite lowkey vibes. He strikes me as someone who’d be more at home as an Inner West Pub guy than an Eastern Suburbs Bar guy. I can see him absolutely vibing at the Carriageworks Farmers’ Markets on a Saturday.

Or maybe it’ll be a hybrid of the two? Surely we’ll be getting paparazzi pics of him and Eva enjoying a gorgeous Tuesday morning brunch in Balmain.

My final guess is the Northern Beaches. He looks like he’d suit Birkenstocks — not in a foot fetish way — just pure vibes alone.

Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers were spotted in Melbourne and Zac Efron hunkered down in Adelaide, so Gosling joins a long line of celebs seeing the best Aus has to offer. We’ll just have to hope he avoids North Sydney in that case.