Russell Crowe Blames Loose Lipped “Assholes” For Protracted Directorial Debut

Russell Crowe, subscribing to the theory that all good things come to those who wait (Pokemon evolution, career opportunities, pizza delivery), has confirmed plans to make his directorial debut, in this life or the next, with the Gallipoli based war drama, The Water Diviner.

Speaking with Fairfax, Rusty, who was linked last year to helming a Bill Hicks biopic and in 2011 to a film adaptation of cult crime novelist James Ellroy’s 77, said that earlier attempts to step behind the camera were nearly always thwarted by “arseholes” who “prematurely announced what we were trying to do.”

“It was probably time [to direct] 10 years ago, but if you’re engaged in making movies as a career then you have to work within cycles that come up,”
Crowe said. ”The two previous times that the cycle has been right, we didn’t get the production together before that cycle changed. Both times in fact, it was because some arsehole took to newspapers and prematurely announced what we were trying to do. So that’s a massive pain in the neck when that happens and it’s just happened again now.” 

The film, penned by Andrew Knight (Rake, SeaChange, Jack Irish) and Andrew Anastasios, shoots this year in Australia and Turkey and follows an Australian father in search of his two sons who have been missing since the battle of

To the assholes who can’t shut the fuck up about top secret Russell Crowe projects that can’t get off the ground because too many people know about them…

Via The Age