Here’s The Entire Cast Of Drag Race UK S3 Out Of Drag, And They Can All British Rail(ways) Me

vanity milan uk drag race season 3

Ello guvna! Although RuPaul’s Drag Race has about 760 different spinoff iterations at this point in time, it’s the UK version is the one that stands as the most polished and addictive. In fact, it’s considered to be even better than the main series at this point, it’s just that good.

If you’re like me and absolutely love the show, you’d probably also be interested in seeing what the queens look like out of drag, so here’s an article on just that. Spoilers: Everyone can absolutely destroy me.

Alright you horny animals, here are all twelve contestants for your viewing pleasure, both in and out of drag. This has to be one of the hottest casts out and I’m here for it.

Anubis, 20, Brighton

anubis uk drag race

I’m honestly shocked at how young Anubis is because she speaks with so much experience and wisdom when she’s in drag.

But hey, we’re very close in age, and I am merely a hole who can type.

Charity Kase, 24, Lancashire

charity kase

Now we can really begin the horny train. Charity Kase can absolutely make a donation to me any day.

Also, that tongue… is huge…

Choriza May, 30, Newcastle

choriza may

Absolutely in love with Choriza’s eye makeup and absolutely in love with her out of drag.

My obsession for Choriza begins here.

Elektra Fence, 29, Burnley

elektra fence

The cast this year is mostly white, which is a massive let-down and a huge fkn shame considering the diversity of UK queens, but, I’m so glad they added someone with freckles for the first time in Drag Race herstory.

Also hey, Elektra Fence is HOT.

Ella Vaday, 32, Burnley

ella vaday

You’ve seen this man at every gay club and pride parade, but do any of them have the drag talents that Ella possesses? (They probably think they do after two Vodka Red Bulls).

This, my friends, is a transformation Tuesday. From hot to hotter.

Kitty Scott-Claus, 29, Birmingham

kitty uk drag race

Not many piccies of Kitty outside of drag exist on the interwebs, but this side-by-side shows you just how incredible Kitty’s transformation skills are.

From curly-haired king to gorgeous Birmingham bombshell. We already have no choice but to stan.

Krystal Versace, 19, Kent

krystal versace

A child.

Moving on.

River Medway, 22, Kent

river medway

River is absolutely gorgeous both in and out of drag. I’m lowkey obsessed with their natural good looks.

Also, the ‘Artpop’ shirt? We bow down to a queen with taste.

Scarlett Harlett, 26, East London

scarlett harlett drag race uk cast

Hide your boyfriends, because Scarlett is undoubtedly the twink of the season.

Tops, I know what you’re thinking, you animals.

Vanity Milan, 29, South London

vanity milan

Vanity is stunning. Gorgeous. Ridiculously beautiful both in and out of drag.

Be still my beating heart.

Veronica Green, 35, Rochdale

veronica green

Self-described Gollum-to-gorgeous Veronica Green is back after departing early from Season 2 of Drag Race UK!

I still cannot get over how wild Veronica’s transformation skills are.

Victoria Scone, 27, Cardiff

victoria scone drag race uk cast

Ma’am, this is drag.

Victoria is the first-ever AFAB (assigned female at birth) queen on Drag Race ever, and she’s queer as hell, which is fkn awesome.

Absolutely in love with the way she speaks and her comedic timing, and cannot wait to see her on the show.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3 will be coming to Stan next month, but for now, you can catch up on the sheer brilliance of season 2!