Have you ever, ever felt like this? How strange things happen, Round the Twist is coming to Netflix (I hope you read that in the tune of the theme song)…

Yes, ALL FOUR seasons of Round the Twist are coming to Aussie Netflix. That includes the two seasons that ran from 1990-93 and the reboot seasons that ran from 2000-01. Ok, call me a bad Round the Twist fan, but when I was a kid the ABC would regularly swap between the two series and I could never tell the difference.

This is BIG news because previously fans of the show would have to link to finding old eps on YouTube. Now, you can watch the eps without all the gross lagging (but knowing how shit Aussie internet is, I can’t make any promises).

Round the Twist was one of those shows you either loved as a kid or hated. I loved it, but many of my (beta) friends found it too unsettling, ugh. It’s no surprise the show was whacky as it was adapted from one of Paul Jennings‘ popular books, who is known for his bizarre children’s stories.

To be honest, I just hope Netflix don’t try to reboot the Round the Twist again. If it’s anything like the Winx reboot, I’ll take a hard pass.

In September last year it was revealed that cast members actually wanted to make a Round the Twist movie, the but the show’s creators said a fat NO.

Mathew Waters, who played the final Bronson Twist (there were three all up) on the legendary show, explained to The Babble podcast why his vision never came to life.

“A few years ago I had some pretty thick notes put together for a film, for a Round The Twist film, where kind of brought all of the original or I guess MY original cast back,” Waters said on the podcast.

“They’re just so tight with the [Round the Twist] rights. Ya know, they’re holding on to them ’cause it is, you can’t, it’s priceless, you can’t sell it, ” he said.

It would be good to have the cast back for a Netflix special though? Now, that I would like to see.